After many years in the corporate sector as a marketing professional, like many others, I had worked myself in exhaustion. A "Perfect Storm" of events happened and I found myself with adrenal over-sufficency followed by adrenal fatigue and a huge list of other symptoms. (For a complete list, check out the YouTube video, left!) Life had reached a point where I took up knitting, thinking that what remained of my life would be spent on the couch. I thought nothing was left. I was wrong!

In my quest to find some way to bring down my cortisol levels, I found FasterEFT. It was :
  • Focused
  • No Side Effects
  • Logical Belief System
  • Empowering

Over the last few years I have had ALL of the listed symptoms gradually disappear.​ I know that FasterEFT worked because I see the results! 
I truly understand what it takes to create lasting 
change for the average person. I can teach you how to deal with emotions and memories from the past, 
as well as how to take control of your thoughts in the present. Change your thoughts, change your life!


 Certified by: Skills to Change Institute: 
FEFT-AE-638​ Eutaptics Level 4 Practitioner, 
FasterEFT Advanced Level 4 Practitioner 

Certified by: The International Association of Professional Conversational Hypnotists
Hypnotherapist specializing in Conversational Hypnosis ​

Certified by: Transform Destiny:
Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP), TIME Techniques, 
Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Life and Success Coaching

30 years in the Corporate and Non-Profit Sectors

Take one tiny baby-step TODAY... 

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The work you've done with me has been so helpful, in my relationship with myself, God, my dad, and so many others as a natural consequence. I just moved back home, and it's so encouraging to experience situations with my father in such a different way. I'm able to love him so much better and enjoy him so much more. And I know too, that the freedom and faith I've head to pursue going back to school, 
to study musical theatre has built from work we did. My character has been refined and I find 
I am so much more gracious and generous - with myself and others. Thank you, again

M.B., GA


I have worked with Jean Erickson several times and am impressed with her calm and focused way to get you toward your goal effectively. Jean is a pleasure to work with.

K.G., IA


The memories that were such big issues now feel like no big deal. It hardly seems possible.

E.R., CA


I just wanted to say that I love my sessions with you. I know and feel when we work together that something big is always going to shift. For the last 2 years of working with you, your incredible skill, humour, insight, persistence, perception and ability to take the threads of what seems like confusion to me and change it into a roadmap that releases huge feelings, realisations and physical tension has been such a gift. My life has transformed in so many ways and continues to do so and the confidence and trust I have in you has meant that I have been able to access deep feelings of anger, lack of trust and finally understand that I have always held onto the negative feelings, because there was a desire for love in there too - such a huge realisation. I treasure our sessions, they are such an adventure. Thank you Jean. 

S.C., U.K.


Jean is the ultimate professional with a compassionate heart. She is very knowledgeable, and has a way of putting me at ease. I feel very connected with her as we work through issues and emotions I did not realize were holding me back from moving forward and healing. Working with Jean not only makes me feel so much better, but I feel more empowered, and at peace. She has a way of bringing that out in me. She is a real treasure. Thank you Jean!

L.A., TX


It’s hard to put into words how I felt yesterday after our session. I know the process did its magic (very cool). As did all of the ideas you shared to help me penetrate the pervasive fog of my trances and find ways forward (practical hope). The biggest gift, though, is the incredible way I feel you meet me, see me, and hold a higher, more functional version of me in your heart. It’s through your heart, then, that I am able to see myself. Feeling self-compassion and self-regard and remembering potential that I’ve so lost touch with. Your beautiful heart and brilliant, gentle mind elevate this work into an incredible healing experience. The nuance, creativity and love you bring to our work together is priceless to me. I felt warm and real and deeply cared for. Thank you from my whole heart.

J.H., MN


Wow. I don’t think there is ANYTHING that can do so much in so little time! Working with a trained FasterEFT practitioner is powerful. She is very organized, confident and knows how to ask all the right questions to allow the “story” to become real. She skillfully peeled away the layers of hurt, anguish, and frustration – changing my association to past events quickly. “Stories” about my family that have plagued me my whole life and provoked even more trauma, all the emotions tied up in breaking my leg a few years ago – these have been shifted to a place where the memory is still real, but holds no power over me.  

The stress of trying to manipulate life to avoid pain is gone. What a relief. My physical health has improved noticeably in just the short time since our first session. I feel more loving to my husband, my friends, my family. Instead of feeling “triggered” when I think of certain past incidences, I feel compassion for myself and the others involved. I see life with new eyes because Jean has transformed my memories into a new perspective. I can honestly say I haven’t felt this free, happy, and peaceful – well, maybe ever!  

L.T., WA


Thank you for your persistence and skill for helping me work through and let go of what was possibly the deepest and biggest piece of my old fear...my old me! I look forward to the places I'm going in life with this new perspective! Thank you so much Jean! I feel so much clearer.

S.M., NY


Jean is amazingly intuitive during a session, always asking the right question to get to the root of the problem. I always leave her with my heart at peace.

R.B., OK