After many years in the corporate sector as a marketing professional, like many others, I had worked myself in exhaustion. A "Perfect Storm" of events happened and I found myself with adrenal over-sufficency followed by adrenal fatigue and a huge list of other symptoms. (For a complete list, check out the YouTube video, left!) Life had reached a point where I took up knitting, thinking that what remained of my life would be spent on the couch. I was wrong!

In my quest to find some way to bring down my cortisol levels, I found FasterEFT. It was :
  • Focused
  • No Side Effects
  • Logical Belief System
  • Empowering

Over the last few years I have had ALL of the listed symptoms gradually disappear.​ I know that the processes described in NeuroChats worked because I see the results! 
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"Amazing, life-changing work with Jean"
Jean Erickson is an excellent practitioner. I love working with her. I have been a client for over a year and can say that I would recommend her to anyone who wants to work on themselves, to clear past traumas, and lighten up their daily physical and emotional lives. Jean possesses an amazing balance of a scientist, always aware of the most valid current research in her areas of interest, with an openness to working outside of the mainstream medical/psychological model to accomplish her treatment goals. She is very warm and caring, as well as professional and goal oriented. Her ability to stay focused during a 2 hour sessions is remarkable. I have been able to do some amazing, life-changing work with Jean. I feel like we are a team, always supported by her knowledge and expertise, working to release the emotional and physical toll of past experiences, always moving toward a lighter and brighter future.

 — S. Schindel, PsyD, Clinical Psychologist
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Think. Feel. Change! Coaching
NeuroplasticityBuzzword, or does it work?
Jean and Claire discuss the "buzz" around neuroplasticity, what it is, how it relates to chronic illness, and if it's really worth looking into as a solution for chronic illness and pain. Discussion with many stories, examples and applications. Suitable for those with no exposure to the concept all the way up to those actively doing brain retraining programs.

The Mind Body SyndromeTMS & Chronic Illness
Jean and Claire discuss the The Mind Body Syndrome (TMS), a way to get at the "source" behind pain or symptoms. Originally proposed by a NYC MD, Dr. John Sarno, this concept looks at pain or symptoms as a "distraction" from deeper emotional pain. Dr. Sarno was one of the first to recognize that the pain and symptoms were "real," with an actual physiological source in the brain. A great resource for those with chronic illness and pain.

The Metaphors of IllnessBrain Sharks and Blindsiding
Jean and Claire explore the metaphors of illness, the strange way that the mind sometimes hides behind pain or symptoms that on the surface don't seem to make sense. Explains the concept from commonly held, easy to understand metaphors, all the way up to examples of populations exhibiting metaphorical illness. Lots of stories and examples. A great resource for those with chronic illness and pain, and also for anyone who works with the chronically ill. 

The Illness IdentityDefine Yourself Differently 
Because illness an become such a central part of life, it's easy for it to also become part of our identity. This discussion includes how even our words can create identity (MY Lyme disease, for example) and how to start separating and begin identitifying as a healthy person again. Not an easy job, but essential! Change reaches its most powerful in the realm of identity.

Shades of NeuroplasticityIt's Not All or Nothing
With a little tongue in cheek, Jean and Claire discuss how to keep yourself rooted in reality while using neuroplasticity on things like mold exposure, Lyme disease and multiple chemical sensitivities (and more). The idea that there can be one "magic bullet" or treatment have kept many people on a treadmill of trying, trying, trying! Staying "in the grey area" can be a key factor to finding wellness.Enjoy our discussion about how important it is to see things on a continuum, and to acknowledge the reality of unwholesome factors. There is a happy medium, a place where we acknowlege acute toxins, exposures, illness and symptoms - but address the mind-body connnection and the role the brain and all it's complexity plays in healing as well. 

Become an Action FigureAs If: The Intentional Action Secret
Often a missing piece in neuroplasticity teachings, Jean and Claire discuss the the necessity of intentional action, and how it can become the "key" that unlocks healing. Incorporates ideas from the book "The As If Principle" and other recommended reading. Discussion about why it's important, how it works in the brain and examples of how you might implement are included. Learn to be your own action figure and take control of your journey to wellness!