After many years in the corporate sector as a marketing professional, like many others, I had worked myself in exhaustion. A "Perfect Storm" of events happened and I found myself with adrenal over-sufficency followed by adrenal fatigue and a huge list of other symptoms. (For a complete list, check out the YouTube video, left!) Life had reached a point where I took up knitting, thinking that what remained of my life would be spent on the couch. I was wrong!

In my quest to find some way to bring down my cortisol levels, I found FasterEFT. It was :
  • Focused
  • No Side Effects
  • Logical Belief System
  • Empowering

Over the last few years I have had ALL of the listed symptoms gradually disappear.​ I know that the processes described in NeuroChats worked because I see the results! 
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"Amazing, life-changing work with Jean"
Jean Erickson is an excellent practitioner. I love working with her. I have been a client for over a year and can say that I would recommend her to anyone who wants to work on themselves, to clear past traumas, and lighten up their daily physical and emotional lives. Jean possesses an amazing balance of a scientist, always aware of the most valid current research in her areas of interest, with an openness to working outside of the mainstream medical/psychological model to accomplish her treatment goals. She is very warm and caring, as well as professional and goal oriented. Her ability to stay focused during a 2 hour sessions is remarkable. I have been able to do some amazing, life-changing work with Jean. I feel like we are a team, always supported by her knowledge and expertise, working to release the emotional and physical toll of past experiences, always moving toward a lighter and brighter future.

 — S. Schindel, PsyD, Clinical Psychologist